Diploma Course

Nine Month Training Programme



Social Work Training Institute’s annual nine month training program in Social Work is designed to support development activities in Nepal by providing Para-professional training in social work for candidates who desire to work in this field. The institute was established in 1987 (BS 2043) with an intention to develop genuine social workers who are committed to work with the grassroots people of Nepal. The nine month training program exposes the participant to various theories, methodologies, practice, skills and personal development activities to fully develop the candidate as a professional social and development worker in the Nepalese context.

Priority is given to candidates with a strong sense of value and moral standing and who desires to develop professionally in this field to contribute genuinely in the further development of our nation.

The development principle of SWI demands commitment from candidates in Empowerment, Equality, Openness, and Social justice. It expects candidates to take responsibility for their own learning and to demonstrate values and attitudes in line with the principles of social work.

The nine month training program consists of five important components; the classroom, field placement, block placement, independent study and the hostel (SWI prefers residential candidates). All these areas are inter-related to give the participants a full learning experience with an opportunity to fully express their capabilities. The institute focuses on exposing the participants to various aspects of social and development works in Nepal, which will enable them to understand the present trend in this area. Moreover, SWI possesses a family environment and therefore to maintain this only 25 seats are available for the nine-month training program.

This enables the institute to give careful attention to each individual participant in their personal development. To enhance their learning further, all classes are taught in a participatory manner where everyone is encouraged to share, discuss and exchange ideas and opinions openly. The participants are given a certificate upon completion of the nine-month training course.


The purpose of the nine-month training program is to develop human resources who will work with the grassroots people to  uplift with genuine concern and commitment. It aims to fulfill the following objectives during the nine-month training course:

  • To introduce and develop basic skills knowledge and attitude required to be professional social workers.
  • To expose the participants to various social and development activities and concepts being implemented in Nepal.
  • To enhance awareness of our nation’s needs and potentials.
  • To promote participants’ personal growth.
  • To motivate participants to be independent and work towards self-sustenance.
  • To help participants perform to their optimum ability and realize their personal capacities and self worth.
  • To prepare participants to confront challenges which social work demands.
  • To motivate the participants to contribute in the development of our nation.

Training Format

Theory Class
Two full days every week (Thursday and Friday.)

Field Placement
Voluntary work with organizations in Kathmandu, three days a week. (Monday to Wednesday)

Block Placement
45 days rural experience with NGO’s.

Special Classes
One week or more special topic classes are usually conducted on a full day basis.

Exposure Trips
Participants are taken to different organizations for exposure purpose during the course of the year.

Independent Study
Participants are required to prepare a report on the subject of their interest with the help of supervisors allotted to them.

Other Activities
Regular meetings at hostels, combined meetings with staff, dinners, Talent Show, Creative Presentation, Cultural Show Programme and other extracurricular activities are held throughout the course of the year.

Requirements for Applying

  • Should be at least SLC pass of equivalent.
  • Commitment to honestly serve the people of Nepal.
  • Strong sense of ethical and social awareness.
  • Ability to successfully complete the course.
  • Must be open to change and willing to accept new ideas.
  • Should have a strong feeling towards working with people in the area of social and development work in Nepal.

Application Procedure 

  1. Application form costs Rs. 100 and is available at SWI reception, which can be picked up personally or requested by mail.
  2. The forms should be in by the date designated by the office with two passport size and one auto size recent photographs of the candidate.
  3. Only short listed candidates will be called for interview by SWI.
  4. SWI selection committee will base the final selection of participants on the interview after careful evaluation of each candidate.
  5. The last date for application is 23 December, 2011

Note: Information on dates for the candidate interviews shall be provided upon submission of application forms. The final list of selected participants will be posted on 30 December each year at the institute (website).

Training Schedule (tentative) 

23 January – Hostel participants arrive

24 and 25 January – Orientation Class

26 January – Class Begins

30 January – Field Begins

29 September – GRADUATION

Hostel Facility 

Two separate hostel buildings for male and female candidates are available. To create a learning environment at the hostels, the participants are required to give their full cooperation to live in this establishment during the training. The participants are given responsibilities to manage the hostels themselves with the help of a staff facilitator. Maximum cooperation is expected from each participant in managing and planning all hostel activities. The hostel functions in a participatory manner where each participant receives the opportunity to be a group leader who is appointed for an allocated period of time. The group leader is responsible to oversee the smooth operation of the hostel and those funds are used properly according to the budget approved by the group. The group as a whole is responsible for the upkeep of the hostel and cooking of meals by responsible persons at times scheduled by group consensus.

 Hostel Residents are required to bring with them the following

  • Bed Sheet
  • Pillow Case
  • Toiletries
  • Umbrella
  • Flash Light

The institute provides

  • Cooking utensils
  • Mattress
  • Blanket
  • Furniture 
  • Pillow
  • Library facilities & computer lab

Training Cost (tentative)

  • Application Form Rs. 100.00
  • Admission Fee Rs. 1,500.00
  • Deposit Rs. 1,500.00
  • Registration 25% of the total course charge

Course fee (tentative) 

  • Residential: Rs. 57,500.00
  • Non-Residential: Rs. 30,500.00
  • Fee structure is not subject to change during the Training Period.

All other personal costs will  be the responsibility of individual participants.

CURRICULUM (tentative)

  • Social Work
  • Theories and Principles of Social Work
  • Case Work and Group Work
  • Social Work Methodology
  • Social Work Administration
  • Basic Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Community Development
  • Theories and Principles of CD
  • Development Trends and Practices in Nepal
  • Animation and Social Change
  • Community Analysis
  • Gender and Social Inclusion
  • Current Statues of Nepal
  • Social Mobilization and Local Resource Management
  • Non-Formal Education (REFLECT)
  • Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
  • Cooperative/Micro Finance
  • Human (Child/Women) Rights
  • Environment/Climate Change

Special Topics

  • Community Health
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • Conflict Transformation, Peace Building and Reconciliation
  • Report Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • Disaster Management
  • Team Work
  • Leadership Development
  • Basic Computer
  • Exposure Trips
  • Practical Classes
  • Field Placement
  • Block Placement
  • Independent Study Paper (IS)
  • Extra Curricula Activities
  • Communication Media:
  • Theories and Principles of Development
  • Communication
  • Street Play

Some Topics may change after curriculum review in December each year.


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