Our Facilities

SWI has earthquake resilient training centers which includes 2 separate buildings with area 8,108.03 square feet (752.76 Sq. M) in 9,925.25 square feet (921.91 Sq. M) lands. It was constructed in 2018. All the halls and rooms are well designed with fresh air circulation and sun lights. 21 toilets/attached bathrooms have been constructed in strategic points and separated to male and female. Bathrooms, toilets, training halls, meeting rooms are people with disability friendly. It has underground rainwater harvesting tank with 50,000 liters capacity.

With 5.200 Kwp capacity, Photo Voltic (PV) solar power system has been installed at roof of the buildings. The PV system is connected in grid of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and installed net metering. If the generated power is more than requirement, it automatically transfer to the grid which helps us to reduce the electricity bill. The system has been contributing to reduce 8 tons carbon per year.

SWI training center has seriously considered safety and security of its users from different aspects. It has installed fire alarm system, smoke sensor, heat detector, earthquake alarm, call point, hooters and fire extinguisher. In addition, safe place and route to reach safe space have been identified and indicated at strategic points for emergency.

It is located 600-meters south from Akantakuna, ring road. It has enough parking areas for two-wheeler and small four-wheelers. Open space is nearby training center for additional parking. SWI offer the following facilities to all development/humanitarian organizations, government agencies and private sectors.

  • Training halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Accommodation
  • Food and snacks (Kitchen and dining hall)
  • Internet facilities/Wifi,
  • Computer lab
  • Training workshop facilitation
  • Other/Logistical support

We use all our incomes to the benefits of vulnerable people through micro projects in Nepal.


  1. Training Halls:

SWI has 3 training/seminar halls. All the training halls are equipped with 4k PowerPoint projector, sound system,
boards (white/green)and internet facilities. Facilitator can change the seating arrangement according to the needs.
All the chairs and table are moveable and adjustable.

SWI can provide cushion, when it requires.

Training hall number Area (sqf.) Participant's capacity Located Per day charge (NPR.)
1 713 Up to 45 Ground floor 6,000.00
2 713 Up to 45 Ground floor 6,000.00
3 621 Up to 40 1st Floor 6,000.00


Other facilities

Equipment's Description Per day charge (NPR.)
Power point projector 4 K projector 2,000.00
Sound system Micro phone, speaker, 1,500.00
Internet As per the requirement can be provided high speed internet service Depends on internet speed and duration
Photocopy and printing Black and white NPR 3/5 per page


  1. Meeting rooms:

We have 3 rooms for small group meetings which can also be used as workspace. The rooms are well equipped with power extension, land line phones, round/rectangle tables, folding chairs, how water, tea and coffee. All the rooms are quiet, well air circulation and lights. Clients can hire the rooms for separate meetings.

Name of meeting room Area (sqf.) Participant’s capacity Located Per day charge(NPR.)
A 128 Up to 10 Ground floor 2,000.00
B 128 Up to 10 Ground floor 2,000.00
C 81 Up to 8 Ground floor 15,00.00
  1. Accommodation:

SWI has 14 rooms for accommodation. 2 to 3 beds have been adjusted in all rooms and can accommodate 46 participants at once. Hot and cold water, comfortable mattress, quilt and pillows, reading table and chairs are available in all rooms. It has well equipped commode/general toilet and bathrooms.

Types of room Number of Room Bathroom (attached/general) Capacity(person) Per day/bed Charge (NPR.)
2 single beds per room 2 Attached-1/general-1 4 persons 500
3 single bed per room 6 All attached 18 persons 500
2 bunk bed per room 3 All general 12 persons 500
3 bunk bed per room 2 All attached 12 persons 500
Total 13 46 persons -
  1. Kitchen & Dinning:

SWI has well experienced cooks. They prepare varieties of hygienic and fresh foods to the guest/participants. Tea, coffee, cookies, veg and non-veg food items can be prepared at kitchen based on the request. SWI has well-furnished/equipped dining hall and kitchen. Packed food items can be arranged from renounced restaurants from outside during the program based on the request. SWI fully prohibits smoking, alcohol drinking and drugs using inside the training center premises.




Price for the year 2019:

Food items Price (NPR.) Menu
Veg lunch or dinner (per meal) 500 Rice/roti, dal, seasonal mixed vegetable, green leaf, pickle, curd/omelet, papad, salad
Non-veg lunch or dinner (per meal) 600 Rice/roti, dal, seasonal mixed vegetable, green leaf, pickle, papad, salad, chicken/Fish/pork/buff
Breakfast (per meal) 200-300 Bread/dry roti/paratha, seasonal mixed vegetable, porridge/conflux, curd/omelet/boiled eggs, tea/coffee/juice
Tea, coffee and cookies (per day/person) 200 2 times a day Hot water, Tea bag and coffee is available at kitchen.
Drinking water - Normal drinking water and hot water available on free of cost. SWI provides mineral water in actual cost as per the special request.

Note: Menu can be revised based on request of clients


  1. Internet facility:

SWI training center is free wifi zone area. However, it has focused high speed Wifi service at training/conference halls, meeting rooms, office rooms and dormitories. Additional high speed internet service can be provided as per the request. Its costs depend on internet speed and duration.


  1. Computer lab and library:

SWI training center has established a computer lab to access participants on global information. Altogether, 10 desk top computer are available at lab and 10 participants can use at once.

SWI training center has library and collecting and maintaining the books, research papers, magazines, and various documents since its establishments. The participants and visitor can use library as their interest.





  1. Other/Logistical support

SWI training center has dedicated staff to support clients for logistic part. S/he will be stand by during the training program. SWI training center provides printing and photocopy services with minimum rate. Participants can enjoy with TV, newspapers, magazines, badminton etc. for the refreshment. Clients enjoy tea and coffee any time at dinning hall on free of cost. During training periods participants are encouraged to organize and present culture events in the evening. Musical instruments are available in training center.

Equipment's Description Per day charge (NPR.)
Power point projector Moveable 2,000.00
Sound system Set of micro phones, speaker, 1,500.00
Internet High speed internet service can be managed as per request. Depends on internet speed and duration
Photocopy and printing Black and white NPR 3/5 per page

Social Work Institute
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