Short Term Course

Short Term Training and Workshop for Human Resource Development

The institute has been providing short-term training programmes and workshops to organizations in Nepal for personal and organizational growth. The objective of this programme is two fold since it not only provides quality training and workshops to various organizations but it also contributes in the self-sustenance of the institute by way of fees received for the service rendered. Thus far the institute has provided workshops and trainings in Counseling, Personal and social Development, Peer counseling, Development Communication workshop in partnership with Coady International Institute of Canada, Personal Development, Management for Mid-level staff for UMN, Women Leadership Training for Action Aid Nepal, Counseling, Personal development, community work, NGO development, NGO management, Facilitation and Communication, Conflict Transformation and Do No Harm, Social Inclusion, Social Analysis etc.

  • Needs assessment of different skills, knowledge and information required by organizations.
  • Develop modules of the training with the help of local experts, staff and instructors of the institute and international cooperation when possible.
  • Advertisement of the trainings and workshops through local newspapers and by letters.
  • Respond to organizations who make individual requests for trainings and workshops.
  • The resource persons for the training will be SWI staff and part time staff. Resource persons from other organizations may be hired when necessary to fulfill the goals and objectives of the training.

3 Months Training Program for Professionals

Social Work Institute has been involved in training social workers since its establishment in 1987. Its primary goal is to produce genuine professional social workers for which it implements a nine month training programme which is ongoing at the moment. Since 2003, SWI has also been offering a three – month training package to individuals to enhance their capacity further in the field of human services. The package is designed so as to accommodate individuals who are not able to give full time to the course. Therefore, the sessions are held from 6:30 am till 9: 30 am, Sunday to Friday every week for a period of three months. This three month training package focuses on the further growth and development of mid-level staff members of agencies working in the area of community development as well as those who have the desire to become employees/staff of organizations above mentioned and also those who are interested solely in developing careers. It endeavors to familiarize individuals with theories, tools and practices that are being used in the current development trend. The training will help participants to understand these aspects as well as to see the relevance of its use in the field. Moreover, each participant will be exposed to the practical aspects of each course through practice in the classroom as well as extra project work. Therefore, this course demands for individuals who are committed to learn through doing and self study. The courses will be taught by mature professionals who have been involved directly in their area of expertise both in practice and theory. The approach of the training will be participatory with focus on discussions of relevant subjects, analysis of theories, practices and tools. Real life examples and case studies will also be used to clarify relevance of the subjects as well as its value in the field. This training package, in general, hopes to achieve the following in the participants:

  • Conceptual clarity of current practices, theories and tools in the development trend.
  • Enhance ability to effectively and systematically communicate information both verbally and in writing.
  • Develop ability to negotiate effectively as well as be proactive towards future activities.
  • Enhance capacity to see impacts and shortcomings in programmes and develop appropriate intervention plans.
  • The 45 days internship is especially focused on building the capacity of people who are endeavoring to enter the Social sector in any capacity in reputed organization. The participants can attend the whole package or choose the subject of their choice according to their needs. Social Work Institute offers discounts according to the following criteria:

    1) Full package attendance: 25%

    2) Others are negotiable