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I present to all of you out there in the vast reaches of cyber space logging on to this site the very first web-page edition of the Social Work Institute (SWI) Newsletter. No person is a whole person all alone; likewise, there is not a single person devoid of awareness. Ergo, interpersonal interrelation is a magnificent learning method within the framework of human development. The main aim of this website is to support and sustain an accessible platform for interaction between the lay people, SWI alumni, current SWI trainees, paraprofessionals, academics, et al – participants in development – involved in the good cause either directly or indirectly as high profile activists or low profile personae etc.

A myriad attempts vis-à-vis Village Nepal development is currently underway: innumerous colleagues involved . . . Many, perhaps, have been through dire circumstances. Voila! It is, therefore, an integral part of human development to bring to light circumstances and to share experiences. Discussions and dialogues, reviewing pertinent issues, striving diligently together for social justice and so on increases awareness, heightens perception and garners inspiration . . . definitely the need of the day!

Thus, come, air your viewpoints, share experiences and let us join heads together mulling over the context through this platform. We hope for – Nay! Eagerly anticipate – your erstwhile participation.
This editorial would remain obsolete without ending with thanks to all our friends who have helped in conjuring up this site as well as to you all out there surfing cyber space. Log on . . .

Thank you and NAMASTE.

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