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Training workshop facilitation

On request, special training courses on development and humanitarian works can be organized/conducted for groups of at least 15 participants at SWI training center. A team of highly qualitative, experienced and professional Trainers and Subject Specialists conduct training sessions. On certain occasions, resource persons from outside organizations are engaged for part or all of a selected training programme. Field visit and practical demonstrations can be arranged in nearby Kathmandu valley or SWI project areas or as client’s requirement.

SWI training center offers the following training program for the year 2019.  The training content, duration, methodology and cost can be customized according to the request of the clients.

Sn.Name of trainingDurationTarget (Level)Target participantsTentative cost/person
A.Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Reduction    
1Disaster risk reduction and management for community resilient5 daysMid/graduates/ Initiator15-25NPR. 30,000
2Sphere standard/Initial rapid assessment/ multisector need assessment5 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 30,000
3Cash Transfer programming and market assessment5 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 30,000
B.Project Cycle Management    
1Project cycle management3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
2Fund raising strategy development and proposal writing (Theory of change, log frame, project design matrix)3 daysHigh & Mid15-25NPR. 20,000
3Financial and HR management for non-profit organization3 daysHigh & mid15-25NPR. 20,000
4Supply chain management3 days 15-25NPR. 20,000
C.Monitoring, evaluation, Accountability and Learning    
1Result based Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)5 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 30,000
2Data management tools and techniques (SPSS, KOBO, MAGPI, GIS, Drone, etc.)3 daysMid15-25NPR. 20,000
3Action Research/Participatory research tools and techniques (PRA, RRA, …)3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
4Governance/Core humanitarian standards/Accountability3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
5Communication, documentation and report writing3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
D.Advocacy, networking and protection    
1Cooperative management3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
2Child safe gardening/Child protection3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
3Montessori methodology/early childhood Development (ECD)5 daysInitiator15-25NPR. 30,000
4Advocacy and networking3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
5Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI)3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
6Para legal5 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 30,000
7Conflict management and peace building3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
8Stress management/counselling3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
9Social/community mobilization3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000
E.Livelihood, food security and food sovereignty    
1Basic training on livelihood, food security and food sovereignty3 daysMid &15-25NPR. 20,000
2Permaculture/ecological farming5 daysInitiator15-25NPR. 30,000
3Livestock management5 daysMid &15-25NPR. 30,000
4Micro-Enterprise Development5 daysInitiator15-25NPR. 30,000
5Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP) management5 daysMid & initiator15-25NPR. 30,000
6Institutional and individual business plan development3 daysMid & Initiator15-25NPR. 20,000


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